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What is VIRIDAD?

Updated: May 2, 2021

VIRIDAD is a facilitator for EU Taxonomy verifications. We aim to help the financial sector to master Taxonomy requirements which are very technical in nature and still evolving. By cooperating with qualified partner experts and strategic partner institutions, we are capable to provide all services related to the implementation of Taxonomy requirements. In doing so, VIRIDAD will speed-up implementation and hence foster acceptance of Taxonomy as the new standard for what is sustainable in both the financial sector and the economy.

Business undertakings committing themselves to sustainable investments and operations will in return benefit from improved access to finance for eligible technologies. In the end, society at large will benefit from VIRIDAD’s work through more truly green financing for a more sustainable economy.

The concrete future requirements under EU Taxonomy are still under discussion and are expected to be finalized for the first environmental objectives (the areas where eligible undertakings need to score in order to be eligible under Taxonomy) later in 2021. Qualified assessments of whether a business activity fulfils these Taxonomy requirements or not, will then very often require external auditors in the form of technical experts.

VIRIDAD’s role in this is to act as a one-stop-shop for companies, funds and banks looking for qualified assessments and Taxonomy advice. Amongst other things, VIRIDAD brings together technical experts and companies seeking advice, provides standardized assessment methodologies, and assures the assessment quality.

To find out more about VIRIDAD, please visit

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