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Why join VIRIDAD as expert-partner?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

VIRIDAD is a new facilitator for the future requirements under the so-called EU Taxonomy, which establishes technical requirement for business undertakings to qualify as sustainable. Qualified assessments of whether a business activity fulfils these requirements or not, often requires external auditors in the form of technical experts.

The role of VIRIDAD is to act as a one-stop-shop for companies and financial institutions looking for qualified technical assessment and Taxonomy advice. Amongst other things, VIRIDAD brings together technical experts and companies seeking advice, provide standardized assessment methodologies, or assures the assessment quality.

The only requirement for becoming an expert-partner of VIRIDAD, either as individual or as company, is significant experience in our field of technical expertise. After becoming expert-partner of VIRIDAD, you will be able to conduct Comprehensive Taxonomy Verifications in the field of your technical expertise, for credible, respectable, and well-known corporations. You do not need to master the EU Taxonomy when applying. We will provide you with a comprehensive training on our methodologies and the EU Taxonomy. After prequalification you will sign a standard contract and you will be certified by us as for two years.

If you are interested in becoming expert-partner of VIRIDAD (free of charge) and benefit from participating in the new paradigm of sustainability with a partner who can help you to enter new markets and win new clients, please contact us at

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