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Implement EU Taxonomy in a simple and compliant way to get your sustainability score

Eligibility check

Experts to consult

Customize to your needs

Alignment assessment

EU Taxonomy/SFDR report

Integrate existing data

EU Taxonomy Disclosure Obligation Assessment Tool

Test now if and when you have to comply with sustainability reporting obligations. The assessment is simple, fast and compliant like all our services!



eligibility & alignment

Tools that enable fast and compliant assessment of EU Taxonomy eligibility and alignment of any economic activity.


Prepare your EU Taxonomy/SFDR report

Collect and aggregate relevant information in-house or from your customer and derive your sustainability performance.

Technical Experts

Technical & regulatory expert services

Experts with in-depth technical and regulatory knowledge provide individual support for your business needs.

SERVICES Hook on Main


Credit institutions

     Credit institutions

Meet your periodic reporting obligation and integrate sustainability into your daily decisions. Expert verification services fulfil highest standards and minimize your risk.

  • Collect relevant information in-house or from external sources and assess sustainability

  • Use external experts for quick verification and increase accuracy and reduce risk

  • Sustainability as part of daily life allow to improve your sustainability performance

  • Represent your organisation, derive your sustainability KPIs and have your reports ready any time

Investors and Asset Managers

     Investors and Asset Managers

Manage the sustainability of your portfolio intuitively and publish your periodic reports.

  • Collect relevant information from investees and meet highest standards through external expert verification

  • Include sustainability into your daily business and manage your green performance

  • Automatically derive sustainability KPIs and prepare your reports in time

Companies (non-financial undertakings)

     Companies (non-financial undertakings)

Screen your assets, assess sustainability alignment, report to lender and publish non-financial reports.

  • Screen your assets and assess sustainability with little effort

  • Provide sustainability performance information to your lenders

  • Improve your green performance and prepare sustainability reports



Non-financial information at hand and gold standard audits.

  • Assess non-financial information from one source

  • Find a complete set of information to fullfill your auditing duties 

  • Meet highest standards of audit-proof sustainability assessments through our technical experts

“Every company and every industry will be transformed by the transition to a net-zero world. The question is, will you lead, or will you be led?”

Larry Fink
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BlackRock


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