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Who we are

VIRIDIS (Latin: Green) + VERDAD (Spanish: Truth) = Promoting Green Truth.

We are an innovation-driven team from various backgrounds united by the vision of making sustainability a core pillar of every organization's identity and, leveraging transparency and responsible practices to create lasting value for our clients, their stakeholders, and the planet.
Our story

Our story

Dedicated to sustainability and the firm belief that responsible business practices are not only ethical, but also fundamental to long-term success, VIRIDAD was established in 2022 when a team of sustainability experts joined forces with the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and OMNIA Energy. Ever since, our team has been committed to guiding companies on their path to promoting transparent, responsible business practices.
In 2023, our mission received a significant boost when First Climate AG, a leading service provider of climate protection solutions and renewable energy, teamed up with VIRIDAD. This partnership marked a new chapter in our journey, opening up exciting horizons in the world of sustainable finance. These collaborations not only bolstered our expertise, but also increased our capability to better serve our clients.

Our Mission

At VIRIDAD, our mission is to empower businesses to thrive sustainably in a rapidly evolving world by seamlessly merging innovative technologies and forging valuable partnerships. We truly believe that sustainability is more than just a regulatory requirement; it is the cornerstone of positive change.
We are dedicated to having our clients see sustainability as an opportunity, providing them with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to excel in the dynamic field of ESG. Together, we strive to shape a more sustainable and prosperous future for businesses and society at large.
Our Mission

Our values

Get to know our guiding business principles.
Icon Sustainability.


We are deeply committed to sustainability–both as a guiding principle for our operations, and as a key value for our clients long-term success.
Icon Integrity.


In all our interactions, we adhere to the highest ethical standards. We believe that integrity serves as the basis for trust, and we emphasize the importance of openness, accountability, and professionalism in every facet of our daily activities.
Icon Innovation.


Our commitment to innovation fuels our passion for delivering cutting-edge solutions that address complex challenges and drive transformative change for our clients and partners.
Icon Support.


At VIRIDAD, customer focus is more than just a value – it is a guiding principle that drives every decision we make. By listening to our clients and understanding their specific needs, we aim to offer products and services that help them solve their problems.
Icon Partnership.


Through open dialogue and regular exchange with industry leaders, we strengthen our collaborations, address challenges, and celebrate collective achievements.

The Team

Meet the driving force behind VIRIDAD – a diverse team of experts committed to helping solve our clients’ ESG challenges.
Klemens MARX
CEO & Co-Founder
Sustainability Manager
Sustainability Manager
Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer
Sustainability Supporter
Barnabas HUBER
UX/UI Design
Vitalija KORKUC
Full Stack Developer
Hanno LAY
Senior Marketing
Niklas Thannhäuser
Sustainability Success Manager

Our Advisors

Meet our esteemed advisors–a seasoned team that is dedicated to supporting our sustainability journey.
Managing Partner @ OMNIA
Christine WÜRFEL
Director ESG & Responsible Banking @ RBI
Owner Landwehr Consulting
Founder & Partner @ enerbasics
Stefan SEIPL
Supervisory Board Member
Head of Center @ AIT

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