October 31, 2023
March 17, 2022
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NEWS: The digital sustainability platform for EU Taxonomy launches

The launch of the optimal digital solution for a sustainable future and a successful transition to a low-carbon economy.
Klemens MARX
Klemens MARX

Standardized solutions and expert knowledge

"Our goal is to unify standardized solutions and expert knowledge within a platform, connecting our pool of experts with companies for individual queries. This aims to swiftly and efficiently tackle the challenges of EU Taxonomy. The purpose of our platform is to provide a simple and intuitive solution that encompasses all relevant economic activities while aligning with EU Taxonomy", explained Dr. Klemens Marx, Managing Director of VIRIDAD.
"With the establishment of VIRIDAD, together with our partners, we've created an expert platform aimed at supporting the successful implementation of EU Taxonomy through its digital solutions and consultancy services. The objective is to consolidate specific know-how from diverse industries and technologies for a climate-resilient economy, making it available on the platform. We look forward to future collaborations where our experts will contribute their extensive knowledge in energy technologies to the platform", stated Dr. Wolfgang Hribernik, Head of the Center for Energy at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.


The digital platform VIRIDAD is a service that consolidates standardized processes and expert knowledge within a single platform, covering the entire spectrum of EU Taxonomy. The platform encompasses all relevant application fields, and technical experts from various domains are available in a pool for inquiries. To become part of the platform, these experts undergo a qualification process that ensures the high quality of services. VIRIDAD aims to drive green transformation by promoting sustainability through disclosure in the European economy and transitioning the financial sector to sustainable business practices. Founding members of VIRIDAD include OMNIA GmbH, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Lutz Landwehr, Stefan Seipl, and Matthias Schmuderer.