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SaaS – EU Taxonomy Tool

SaaS – EU Taxonomy Tool

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our digital solution is at the forefront of simplifying the complexity of the EU Taxonomy. It speeds up the evaluation process and helps your business stay ahead of regulatory deadlines, while saving you valuable time and resources. Adhering meticulously to the EU Taxonomy regulations, we leave no room for ambiguity, ensuring that your assessments are conducted with precision and in-line with all requirements. By choosing VIRIDAD for your eligibility and alignment checks, you are not just complying with regulations; you are joining a partnership committed to making sustainability an integral part of your business strategy.

ESG Advisory

We offer personalized advisory on various ESG regulations, including the EU Taxonomy, the CSRD/ESRS, the SFDR, and future emerging ESG standards. Utilizing our strategic alliance with the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, First Climate, and other renowned partners, we serve as a platform that offers various ESG products and services that will help you master the dynamic sustainability landscape. Whether you are navigating current standards or preparing for future developments, our experienced team is here to make sure that you stay ahead of the sustainability curve.
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