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We connect you to the most qualified experts in sustainable finance to help you assess whether or not your investment is eligible under EU taxonomy.

We have developed a standardized `Screening and Reporting Methodology` to provide you with quick, in-depth and high quality assessments to help you adapt to the new sustainability standards applicable to the economic sector. We offer several different services to suit your particular needs:

Service benefits 

  • Compliance – Fulfil non-financial disclosure requirements in the line with the EU Taxonomy regulation

  • Management – Enable internal steering and management of sustainability related topics: with an aim to shift towards more sustainable economic activities, continuous review and improvement is made possible in the spheres of investments, operational expenditures or financial products, e.g. to reduce equity capital requirements, or to fulfil stakeholder, management or regulatory targets.

  • Financial products – Facilitate bank- or insurance internal processes, line financing or product application with or without external interfaces to the end client


Viridad Taxonomy Tool

Our Taxonomy Tool is a fast way to get the latest information on the concrete Taxonomy metrics and thresholds for the economic sector.

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Taxonomy Quick Check


Get the fastest possible assessment of your project, business operation, or investment with one of our qualified experts.
Our Quick Checks provide you with a reliable categorization of your endeavour under EU Taxonomy, and helps you understand if it is eligible. The Quick Check also helps you determine whether a more comprehensive assessment is required.

Comprehensive Taxonomy Verification


Get a comprehensive and conclusive assessment of your project, business operation, or investment.

This assessment is ideal for more complex projects, cases with critical information or documentation, or politically-sensitive projects that require a thorough and well-documented analysis.


Regulatory Advice 

Our optional add-on service, where we help you better undestand the Taxonomy requirements for your project and can accordingly aid you in developing internal procedures or rule-books for it.

Let us know how we can help.

For commercial customers only. No sale to consumers in the sense of § 13 German Civil Code. All prices quoted are without VAT.

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