We will connect you to the most qualified experts in sustainable finance to help you assess whether your undertake is eligible under EU taxonomy.

We have developed a standardized Screening and Reporting Methodology to provide you highest quality, quick and in-depth assessments to help you adapt to the new sustainable standards applicable to the financial sector.

Viridad Taxonomy Tool


Free of charge 

A fast way to get the latest information on the concrete economic sector-based Taxonomy metrics and thresholds with our Taxonomy Tool.  

Taxonomy Quick Check


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Get the fastest possible assessment with one our pre-qualified experts. 

Get a reliable categorization, understand if an undertaking is eligible or not or whether a more comprehensive assessment is required. 

Sustainable Finance Due Diligence Assessment 


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A comprehensive and conclusive assessment of a project or business operation for more complex projects, close calls, cases with critical information or documentation or politically sensitive undertakings requiring a solid foundation.

Regulatory Advice 


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An optional additional service, where we can help in developing internal procedures, rule-books or to better understand the Taxonomy requirements.

Find a consultant or get in touch with us if you need further information. 

For commercial customers only. No sale to consumers in the sense of § 13 German Civil Code. All prices quoted are without VAT.



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