How can clients benefit from the support of VIRIDAD?

VIRIDAD helps clients in various fields assess the Taxonomy eligibility of their projects, operations, or investments. We do so by offering quick analysis, and by matching clients with top-notch consultants who can perform Comprehensive Taxonomy Verification in accordance with the Taxonomy.

What is Taxonomy?

It is an EU regulatory initiative to establish a classification of environmentally-sustainable economic activities with technical screening criteria. 

How can clients benefit from applying Taxonomy?

The EU Taxonomy provides the following benefits to investors:

  • Clarity for investors, issuers, policymakers and regulators. Investors can use it to express their expectations for investment decisions. Companies and project developers can use it to plan and raise financing for their projects, developing the pipeline of sustainable investment opportunities. All stakeholders can use it to avoid unintended green-washing.

  • Save time and money for investors and issuers. The criteria have been developed by environmental and industry experts and reflect the latest EU and international thinking. This allows investors to focus on what they do best-understanding the risk and return of an investment.

  • Support different investment styles and strategies. Investors marketing environmentally sustainable funds can invest in Taxonomy-eligible activities; engage companies on how they are progressing towards Taxonomy thresholds; or provide their own explanation for how they will achieve the fund’s goals. Investing in Taxonomy-eligible activities is not mandatory.

  • Put environmental data in context. Investors need to understand which companies are contributing to the low-carbon transition and which are building resilience to climate change, not just carbon footprints.

  • Avoid reputational risks. By screening out economic activities that undermine broader environmental, climate and social objectives, investors can avoid reputational risk and ensure that their strategy is robust.

  • Deepen the conversation. By focusing on economic activities, the Taxonomy provides a tool to understand company business models. Some business lines may be delivering on sustainability objectives, while others may not. This allows a sophisticated discussion around strategy and consistency with sustainability objectives.

What does it cost to use VIRIDAD?

The registration and project request are completely free for clients. Depending on your taxonomy needs, we have a broad offering of services. Contact us for more information or submit a request directly here.

How long does it take before a project can start?

This depends on the comprehensiveness of the assessment required. Our Taxonomy Quick-Check is the fastest way of getting a qualified assessment of your project. After receiving a sufficient level of information and documentation, we perform a Taxonomy Quick-Check within 3 working days.


For our Comprehensive Taxonomy Verification, VIRIDAD is capable of finding consultants for your project quickly aiming to provide you offers within 48 hours. We then generally require ten working days between your acceptance of a submitted offers and the start of the project, (including the project briefing). However, we are able to accommodate special requirements if you let us know about them.

Which contracts need to be signed before the project starts?

This depends on the service you chose.


Subscriptions for the Taxonomy Metrics and Thresholds Viewer are managed by VIRIDAD and implemented by OMNIA GmbH.


Our Taxonomy Quick-Check is provided by VIRIDAD and implemented by OMNIA GmbH at a standardized price based on a standard contract.


For our Comprehensive Taxonomy Verification, VIRIDAD only acts as an intermediary between the client and the qualified expert partner. Therefore, no contractual relationship between the clients and the VIRIDAD is required.  ​


Regulatory Advice is provided by VIRIDAD and implemented by OMNIA GmbH based on individual quotes.